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late yesterday, at & t, team mobile, announced plans to share their networks during the aftermath. nice move, companies! >> new yorkers. >> been together. can you hear me now? >> resill yenlt groups. one of the heartbreaking images from storm coverage came from queens where row upon rope of houses burned as sandy raged. >> now people are returning to sift through what is left of their lives. and our new york station, wabc was there. >> reporter: the floodwater isn't the only thing sinking in here. >> the people in this neighborhood are devastated. >> reporter: soap is the magnitude of the clean-up. from bal harbour, homes are filled with the smell of diesel fuel to the smoke in breezy point. new yorkers are trying to come to grips with the long road ahead. >> just where the kids grew up.
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it is the only, only house they have ever known. >> reporter: tom duffy one of the new yorkers, sifting through the rubble with his hands. carefully turning over charred pieces of what was part of his life. the family home here in breezy point, one of more than 100, leveled, by the fire. >> i can't believe, just, two month as go we were down here. it's crazy. >> what do you do when this is what you are coming home to, where do you start? when you are trying to rebuild. you start small. grab what you can. what the fire didn't take. and then come together. something that the governor expressed as he toured the devastation. >> we want them to know that we are here for them. and new yorkers believe in the spirit of community. nobody rises to the occasion like new yorkers do. and it is going to be okay. we are going to make sure it is okay. >> from the rubble comes hope. and tom duffy find what he had been searching for.
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>> the important stuff. >> a photo op, only thing here that is not a tee,000 total los. >> haven't been able to salvage up un,000 tetil now. we had to figure out. >> unbelievable. >> difference between when something flood. something gets mildewed. second floor, survives. and the fire just everything is gone. >> everything is gone. >> my hafeart breaks for the folks. >> the report from our new york station, wabc. the community devastated by fire, now one hoping to avoid the same fate. >> that's right, the bubbles in the water are the result of a liking natural gas line. that's what an abc news crew found yesterday. in the hard hit community of seaside heights, new jersey. residents were -- none too pleased though at the response. >> i don't know why there is not more trucks here right now. i mean, this is where we took the main shot. this is it. like, where, where were all the
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gas trucks. you got down the block. we got down the block. why can't we get gas trucks down the block. >> the fear is that a single spark could cause a devastating explosion and fire, like we saw earlier. the utility companies say they're doing whatever they can to make everything safe. the first responders really are working tirelessly to help. but they have got to,000 get theget -- but they have got to get there. no threat to life. property. hard to believe when they're living with the hissing sound of gas. >> got to get there. >> please. >> a plan in the works to secure the huge crane that sandy left dangling from a manhattan high rise. 90 stories up. everyone familiar with the shot. look at that. >> yep. engineers determined the crane is securely fastened. okay. they're planning to construct another crane. so the damaged crane can then be removed. city officials say the entire process, yep, could take weeks. >> such a curmudgeon and skeptic.
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dangling crane thing. makes me very nervous. >> working to shrink, several streets closed off. working on shrinking the area. could take weeks to build a second crane. take the bad crane down. insane in midtown. >>,000 despite the enormous damage. great to see kids did not forget halloween. i know mine didn't. these little ones in new jersey, decided to ignore the governor's request to postpone trick-or-treating. >> that's right, governor christie said, schedule for monday the fifth. in the west, midwood section of brooklyn, families gathered to march in the annual halloween parade. something to be said always for sticking with tradition. you can't,,000 no matter what. officially. monday november 5th. according to governor christie. officially rescheduled halloween with the. >> you want the kid to have some sort of normalcy in this. >> you want the candy. they,000 deserve some candy.
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>> coming up how sesame street helped children understand hurricane sandy. >> candidates are about to resume campaigning. day a look at their game plan with five days to go before the election. first a look at how you can help the victims of hurricane sandy. please donate. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. follow the wings.
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i put'em in my shoes, i put'em in my car, i put'em in my vases. girl, i been put'n'em for as long as i can remember. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] sheets, i put'em! try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. now that some of the worst of hurricane sandy is behind us, that other superstorm is back. that's right, the race for the
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white house is on again. >> it is hard to believe that after a campaign that seemed to last forever is virtually tied with just five days to go un,000 tiun,000 -- until the big vote. here is abc's karen travers. >> reporter: in the final sprint to election day both candidates have been angling for any advantage. and in new jersey, president obama had the biggest one of all, the power of the presidency. off the campaign trail for a third straight day, president obama surveyed the damage along a nearly 60-mile stretch of the jersey shore with governor chris christie. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget, we will follow up to make sure that you get all of the help that you need, until you have rebuilt. >> reporter: obama and christie are a very unlikely paring with less than a week un,000 titil e day. the blunt, brash, republican governor one of mitt romney's most staunch supporters. with his state facing historic devastation and massive rebuilding, christie welcomed
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the president's help. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me since before the storm hit. this its our sixth conversation since the weekend. and, it's, it's been a great working relationship. >> reporter: in such a tight race, romney couldn't afford to lose another day on the campaign trail. he was in florida, a state that is essentially a must win for him. romney set aside his usual attacks and struck a subdued optimistic tone. >> this is a turning point in american history. >> reporter: only fleeting reference to the president. >> it is a new path of bold, aggressive change. become to politics for president obama. he'll make stops in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> by all measures this is still a tied race, that is still going to come down to a few key swing states, ohio. according to a "the new york times" poll we got yesterday, halloween. obama up by five points, 50-45
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over romney in ohio. if, you know, like i said you don't know the impact of the storm. you've don't know, every poll says something different. so you don't know how it will play out. all eyes really, ohio and -- and florida. but then democrats could be losing ground, in what they thought were solid blue states including michigan and minnesota now. >> you would think though the folks in florida, with all of the hurricanes that they get, they want someone they can respond, vigorously and robustly to, to this type of tragedy. and with chris christie, vouching for president obama, i would think that that would have some sort of effect on, perhaps florida voters. >> you know what else, i hope i haven't, mentioned new orleans on the show this week. i think when the way you see politicians and your local leaders, even media, wall to wall coverage. to me all of this living through this for a second time is proof of how katrina changed the nation's psychology when it comes to storms. >> yes. >> how many lessons have been learned, dark days along the
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gulf coast in '05. see it playing out. closest thing to katrina since '05. you are seeing the country changed after the storm, even response on every level has changed as well. interesting to watch, yet again for sure. >> yeah. >> coming up next, images are almost too much for adults to comprehend. for children, the pictures from sandy could be downright heartbreaking and confusing. >> we'll show you what one familiar fuzzy face is doing to help them understand.
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♪ we have all been assaulted by the sights and sound of
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hurricane sandy. they can be hard for an adult but overwhelming for a child. >> imagine what it is like for kids. gma anchor josh elliott has this story. >> reporter: we adults called it a super storm. amidst the ferocity of nature's wrath, it was just plain scary. how do you talk to kids about getting through the storm of the century. we got together with a panel of newly minted veterans. and, an expert on kids. our friend elmo. >> i have a little daughter named serena, she actually, elmo wanted to ask you this question, what should she do if she is having trouble sleeping? >> elmo slept with mommy and daddy. >> you could do that. many children have a comfort item. they may have a lovy, a stuffed animal. >> elmo had baby david. >> see, baby david. >> i did. >> i did.
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>> what did you have? >> i had my stuffed animal, dog, named sparky. >> cool. >> elephant, tara. >> how about you? >> paco and also sometimes, top pillows. >> special way to sleep. >> i heard on the radio this morning that the bird nest in the hurricane blew away so i made a picture for him. >> that's very nice. elmo, she made a picture for your friend big bird. >> that's great. >> look at that. that is big bird's new nest. elmo can you bring it back to big bird? >> okay, yeah, big bird is going to love that. >> oh, that's great. can we say good-bye to elmo and thank him? >> bye, elmo. >> elmo loves you, stay safe. josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> hope he find big bird before he gets fired. >>. [ laugher ] >> what did you tell your kids?
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>> i told them you are sayou ar safe. we are okay. >> reassure them. with family, came out with your health and your life. we're all good. "the mix" coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. even though a weird holiday for a lot of folks yesterday. it was halloween. this story, you are going to love. there is a guy. ,000 don don't show the picture just yet, a ski racer, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and calling him king of halloween. at age of 9, he lost his leg to cancer. but did not lose his sense of humor. show the picture. guess what he was for halloween. >> that was iconic. remember that. >> the movie, christmas story, the dad had the leg lamp in the window. neighbors went crazy. the wife hated it. it is what he did for his
2:56 am
costume. >> he has got a nice looking leg. a nice looking leg. >> i thought that was a brilliant halloween costume, you know what i mean. lost a leg to cancer, did not lose the sense of humor. well done, josh. nicely done. >> your favorite story. >> my favorite story. >> i like the other one too, but. any one who has ever lived in new york. >> or visited. >> or visited. taken the subway. you know new york rats in the subway station are this big. they look like cats. >> meow. >> what everyone is talking about right now is did the new york city rat survive hurricane sandy? >> please. >> all the flooding. >> they would survive a nuclear war. >> that's the thing. everyone thinks, an urban legend, there are just as many rats under, under new york, an old city built on top of, all of the sort of, the different layers of new york. they think there is one rat for every person. which would make 8 million rats. don't think there are 8 million rats. >> disgusting.
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>> i remember growing up, taking the 14th street, l train. they're not afraid of you. walk up to you. look at you. run along the third rail which is, supposed to electrocute them, does nothing to them. >> everywhere in the subway. what did the story say? did they survive this? >> some didn't. majority did. >> good thing maybe some of the babies washed out. took out a younger generation. some of the ones that were n nesting, got drowned. they'll make it no matter what. this weekend. most people half a chance to relax, cope with what is happening. may want to look for a new cocktail, something, different, new. jack daniels has a thing for you. a white whiskey, first time since prohibition era. available select stores in january. sells for $50. 750 mill meter. >> moonshine. >> 70% rye, 19% above legal minimum for a rye whiskey, 12%
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malted barley. >> moonshine.
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this morning on "world news now" -- signs of progress amid scenes of devastation. >> as people begin to sift through what is left of their homes, a bipartisan show of muscle in storm-ravaged new jersey. it's thursday, november 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> after a week like this one, we need a little sunshine here in new york. it's good to have you back. how did you make out? >> i still have no power at home. >> okay. >> i am staying with a friend, a friend any sister, actually. my family is safe though.
3:01 am
>> that's all that counts. >> and healthy. i got to tell you i was so happy to come in. as a native new yorker, i wanted to tell people's stories. >> a lot to tell, as you are about to see. good morning, everybody. on the first day of november, i'm rob nelson. in the past 24 hours, unbelievable scenes of destruction, neighbors ravaged, huge chunks of one of the world's biggest cities plunged into darkness. this morning there are new concerns and even new reasons as well for some optimism. first we take things to new jersey where the smell of fear is literally in the air there. natural gas, hissing almost constantly, in neighborhood still of course trying to pick up the pieces. >> unbelievable. >> scary too. they say one spark, you know one cigarette butt. whole thing could blow. scary, yeah. also this half-hour with the spotlights focused on certain communities. there are those who are suffering in silence. we will take you to one where we fond some surprising scenes. and you may have seen them
3:02 am
on your face book feed, when tragedy meets photo shop. pictures of surreal scenes that look real but they are not. we'll show you some hurricane hoaxes. >> that was so offensive to me. >> why would you in the middle of the tragedy, waste time putting together fake stuff. some people need to get a life i think. that's strange. we'll debunk erroneous information out there. yeah. we be,0gin with details fro sandy's aftermath. the storm blamed for 72 deaths. 6 million homes and businesses still have no power. >> there are signs of progress though here in new york. limited subway service starts this morning. la guardia airport reopens as well. good news for countless number of people. >> looked like under water for so long. >> la guardia lake. lower manhattan, still in darkness. abc's brandi hitt joining us this morning near wall street. hi, brandi. >> hi, rob. hi, sunny.
3:03 am
yes, the power starting to slowly come back on in lower manhattan. a good sign. as clean-up efforts now continue, new dangers are appearing in the aftermath of sandy including the threat of fire. sandy left behind a sea of destruction in new jersey. and the danger isn't over. a high pressure gas main broke and gas is pouring out of the floodwaters. after lose everything, families now fear the natural gas liking from the piles of rubble that is already sparked several fires. president obama accompanied new jersey governor chris christie for an up close look at the damage. an entire neighborhood washed away. >> you are going to be okay. everybody is safe. what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as close low as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit un,000 ti until this is done. >> reporter: the iconic boardwalk is in ruins and thousand are still trapped in hoboken all. up ait's scary. you've don't know how long you will be stuck here. >> reporter: in new york there
3:04 am
is also severe damage. it is remarkable no one died here at braeezy point where residents returned to salvage anything they could. >> it's devastating. it's hard to believe. >> reporter: lights are slowly coming back on in lower manhattan. and work continue to restore other areas. the national guard was called in to help evacuate hundred at new york's bellview hospital. one of the largest trauma centers in the nation. conditions have been deteriorating since sandy hit. and sandy isn't finished. strong wind, rain and snow continue to cause damage as the storm moves north. and again that great news for new yorkers is that limited subway service will begin this morning. and la guardia airport is reopening although it will be limited at first. airports in n city up and running. back to you, rob, sunny. >> thank you so much for the report, brandi. live for uss ein loper manhatta this morning. sandy being blamed for an oil
3:05 am
spill all new jersey. more than 300,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled when the storm surge lifted and ruptured a storage tanker near woodbridge. a second ear tank caught most of the oil. the spill is believed contained. contractors have been hired to clean it up. across the river, thousand of people in hoboken, new jersey, are still waiting for rescue. apparently at least 25% of the city is underwater. and the national guard has been working around the clock, carrying people to safety. >> the scene is growing more desperate. the mayor says the standing water is now filled with sewage. as you can imagine that has resident very worried. >> it's scary. you've don't know how long you are going to be stuck here. you don't know how you will get out of town. >> some people have run out of food. now there are reports of price-gouging, with three bags of chips and a drink going for $14. >> insane. they say, last number i saw.
3:06 am
20,0 20,0 20,000 people trapped in hoboken. >> native new yorker. been to hoboken so many times. unfathomable. i look at it. >> this type of thing doesn't happen in this part of the country. nobody has seen any like it before. the situation is just as dire along the jersey shore. sandy made landfall. several completely devastated bech side communities remany cut off. that's not even the worst part. >> this is really scary. gas lines into the towns are the source of a major potentially explosive problem. abc's terry moran reports. >> reporter: fires rage in the town in the jersey shore. fueled by natural gas. it is a harbinger of a worst case sa thein scenario, disaste the disaster. >> you can hear the gas you. can smell the gas.
3:07 am
everywhere you go you hear -- shhh, just the gas, open gas lines going. just scared to death. >> reporter: do you hear that? that is the sound that everyone left in the towns is fearing the most now. a hifsing gas main. you hear it on street after street. right up the shore. you can smell the gas in the air. and fire officials are concern that these towns are basically ticking time bombs. everywhere we went, along the jersey shore, in town after town. the air was filled with this hissing menace. >> as the wind shifts it is going to get into the crawlspace. god forbid a spark. >> reporter: frank is worried and getting angry. have you called the gas company about this? >> five files. >> reporter: what has the response been? >> we'll get there as soon as we can. >> reporter: high pressured gas main broke right next to his home. you can seep the gas pouring up.
3:08 am
it ruptured monday night. >> i dent know why there is not more trucks here right now. i mean this is where we took the main shot. this is it. where are all the gas trucks? you got down the block. we got down the block. why can't weep get gas trucks down the block. >> we saw fleets of earth movers clearing streets choked with acres of sand. search-and-rescue teams continue to take the stranded to safety. but only a handful of gas crews. as the the air fills with the makings of another catastrophe. abc news has reached out to new jersey natural gas, the utility company here, and received the following response -- "there is no imminent danger to life or property." the people here would,000 d dis. tony abc news, ortley, new jersey. coming up. the disturbing individually that
3:09 am
shows how easy it is for a gas fire to ignite in a disaster zone. abc's jim avila shows us some of the surprising ways natural gas could blow. that brings us to the fire ravaged community in the new york city borough of queens. for the first time yesterday, residents were able to viz sit their burned out homes. 111 burned in the firestorm. all the rez,000 dnts who lost everything, all they could do was go poke around in the ashes hoping just to find something. for some it was simply too much. >> i can't believe -- just two months ago we were down here. it's crazy. >> new york governor andrew cuomo toured the fire zone yesterday and promised residents that their community will be rebuilt. and, i -- i keep coming back to the story. of all the scenes we have seen. countless scenes to kind of, it breaks your heart. that scene, in breezy point really its heartbreaking.
3:10 am
not just your home, but your friend and neighbors for years. and even itch you survived it, you, you are in the midst of this scene. >> destruction. think that's what we saw in the ninth ward. katrina. certain people lost their homes. but those who still had homes, all they have is devastation around them. what is so surprising to me. i didn't have television. had no power. listening to everything on the radio. we were all prepared for wind and flooding. >> uh-huh. >> right. we were boarded up. but no one was prepared for fire. i think that just made it all the more devastating. >> exactly. at least two neighborhood i read about in addition to breezy point where fire has been ape -- a major issue. they don't know, kaued by a power line, gas like. what could it have been. you just know, your heart goes out to all the folks in the neighborhood. one of the more heartbreaking scenes.
3:11 am
a lot of heartbreak in this neck of the wood. coming up. many communities onn't east coast are still submerged. but that walter isn't just overflow from the ocean and rivers, what contaminants might lurk beneath the water a awe you uh have seen the damage, but later we'll take you to neighborhood that suffered in silence. first, get a look at here is how to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather -- brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. follow the wings.
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♪ terry moran reported earlier on the hard-hit new jersey towns where natural gas is liking out of damaged pipes. how easy is it for the gas to become a fire? >> an important question. abc's jim avila went to a fire training session in virginia where they simulated a broken gas line and demonstrated how fast and hot a fire burns once it is lit. in a disaster zone, ignition sources they are everywhere. >> virtually anything can be
3:16 am
ignition source, motors, fans, can ignite it. something cherry red, hot enough to ignite the mixture. >> the outside gas like requires a direct spark. but inside, can be explosive. look at that. so if you hear or smell gas, get out and call 911. we hear the reports about the towns where they're hearing the hissing. incredibly important advice. >> a lot of people are trying to maintain normalcy, they don't have power, may have a gas stove. trying to cook. all these things happening. >> be careful, folks, please. contaminated walter another issue. another danger of a storm like this. abc's medical editor, dr. richard besser sampled floodwaters in lower manhattan and took it to a lab. it found gasoline and two types of bacteria in sewage.
3:17 am
any one who comes in con stakt with walter should wear gloves and boots. >> dr. besser visited a town where the water is contaminated after power want out at a pumping station. may be drini idrinkable if you or bleach it. pay attention to what your local leaders are saying. >> the water. with power outages widespread. some of the ones that have power have run out of gas. there was a traffic jam in one nej town as 100 vehicles waited to get to a pump. >> sun drivers said they were there for more than an hour before they were able to fill up their cars or gas cans to fuel the home generators. and say that again? >> isn't that something? -- i myself was -- was online trying to get gas, i could come in and sit with you. only premium was available. upward of $5 a gallon.
3:18 am
>> really? gas prices are not expected to go up too far. people impacted by the storm are not going to travel. there is less demand. they don't expect prices to come back done to much more reasonable level. sooner rather than later. >> great news. >> encouraging news. don't get too freaked out by the price tuesday. should come down. >> next story freaked me out. hurricane hoaxes. photo shopped images that had some people thinking sharks were swimming around manhattan. i believe some of that. >> there are sharks. not in the water. first, the communities are not in the spod light. but sandy any wrath is leaving them stranded. we will have that and more when "world news now" continues right after this.
3:19 am
firefighters in one of connecticut's wealthiest towns were powerless against a fire that struck three water front mansions as sandy blew ashore
3:20 am
the they were forced to retreat and return later. >> another place hit hard by the storm and one we haven't heard so much about is actually another of new york's five boroughs, staten island. >> we woke up to alarming images out of staten island, people being plucked off their roofs, two days after sandy. also reports of a desperate search for two children swept away from their mom in the storm surge. and word the death toll had nearly doubled to 14. it was becoming clear that staten island, a sleepy enclave, best known as the namesake for the staten island ferry was a world away from the city which was getting moving again. we hopped in the car outside the office in manhattan, expecting a journey made very difficult by the city's maddening post-storm gridlock. finally, we arrived. and look at what we saw next from our window.
3:21 am
>> the transformer blew up and burned down. >> reporter: then we got to the flooding. meek had salvaged the kids' clothing from the flooded out house the we quickly started to hear stories about a wall of walter that came through here. >> flipping cars over. you can see. the cars flipped over. just amazing. it was lake a sue nike a tsunam. pressure of waves. over this house. extraordinary what happened. >> reporter: some people trapped in their homes and drowned. the deeper we went on our tour of been czar the scenery became. donald clarkins house. this is your house here? >> yes. used to be over there. >> the house, just to put a fine point on this. was there -- tau a >> right. >> the water pushed it. >> pushed it and twisted it.
3:22 am
>> yeah, yeah. >> sad he told us. he will rebuild. resilience and recognition that mother nature is in fact the boss. dan harris, on staten island. i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans,
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the frigid edge of the super storm has left at least six people dead in west virginia. >> some areas have already seen 20 inches of snow and it is not over yet. the wet, heavy snow has been weighing down power lines and knocking out electricity and road crews are working now around the:00 to cle clock to c highways and mountain passes. >> hurricane sandy is spinning out stunning images of destruction and very strange weather. >> in the flood, pictures have come our way the last few days. some are too strange to be true or are they. here is "gma" anchor josh elliott. >> reporter: sandy's destructive march through new york city produced more than its share of stunning images.
3:26 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: stacking up across social media, pile of hurricane hoaxes. some, simply fake. or clever jokes. others real photographs of the wrong storm. with its iconic imagery, manhattan seemed an easy target. free frames of a destroyed city from "deep impact "or the "day after tomorrow." and as real floodwaters ravaged the new york transit system this photo shop of a scuba driver turned strap hanger. all amid a flurry of images that seem impossible but aren't. a partially submerged fully lit carousel in brooklyn or tanker on a beachen staten island. cars floating out of a parking garage in greenwich village. don't forget the sharks. surely these photos of the predator of the deep and newly aquatic highways, homes, escalators the they can't be real. okay, they're not. according to george parsons of
3:27 am
chicago's shedd aconveyqu aquar could be. >> my advice to sharks swimming near the manhattan area, go and visit one of my favorite establishments there. >> josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> have to tell you, i bought the shark picture. >> you thought that was real? >> there are tiger sharks in the long island sound. so i thought, well, maybe, it's possible. >> people spend the time. in the middle of all that is going on. people hurting. tragedy. give them creativity. come on. other things to work on. >> you don't have to add to fear, devastation and destruction. >> got a friend from new orleans, i heard there was three feet of water on the stock exchange. no, another false thing out there. be carriful what you believe. >> that's the news for this half-hour. follow us on facebook at
3:28 am >> on twitter. more
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- the long road to now" -- the long road to recovery. new york city takes new steps as it tries to get back on its feet after hurricane sandy. >> from the streets to the subways, it is far from business as usual. it's thursday, november 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good thursday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. a familiar face back in the house. >> yes. i am so happy to be here. i have been trapped in westchester county in my home. >> no power. we have power here. no power at home. >> nice and warm here. [ laughter ] >> i get it. >> but we are healthy and safe. >> that's what counts. >> that's what counts.
3:31 am
>> absolutely. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. we'll get the latest on the wreckage, the rescues and the recovery in the wake of sandy in just a moment. also this half-hour, just five days until the election. we haven't been talking about that. >> what election? what? what? >> -- because of the storm. >> as the campaign trail and the hurricane's trail of destruction crisscross. >> it was an amazing day yesterday between the president and governor christie in new jersey. >> oh, yes. >> no one quite gets or understands how this will play out. does this help romney? does it help the president? what are the polls showing? it has been a topsy-turvy few days. no one really knows. we'll know tuesday night. won't we? >> yes. ahead, heroes of the hurricanes, some of the neighbors helping neighbors with a new life on the line. >> then, we will lighten things up a little and show you some of the best celebrity halloween costumes, "ifs and butts" that will make more sense.
3:32 am
shortly. that will come up in "the skinny". >> people have a little idea what's going on. bring "the skinny" back after a few days of all storm news. that's good. of course we have got to stick with the sandy story and palpable signs of recovery in sandy's wake. power is being restored in what has been ape very dark, lower manhattan. some traffic lights in new york's financial district came back on yesterday afternoon. power to buildings is coming back a bit slower. one by one. still a bit of good news. >> parts of new york's virtual lifeline, the subway system, will begin running again today. millions of people count on the system here in new york. the flooding which closed so many stations and tunnels has eased a bit. new york's mayor though is urging patience and tolerance. >> many people's lives were turned upside down by the storm. and you have my word -- that everyone in city government at every level is working 24 hours a day to get the city back on track, including working with the mta, and con-ed to meet the two biggest challenges we face. mass transit and electric power.
3:33 am
>> la guardia airport which suffered severe flooding, you can see it there will open again this morning for limited service, the city's two air ports are up and running. amtrak will begin service to the big apple starting tomorrow. >> thousands of people in hoboken, new jersey, though are still waiting for rescue. at least 25% of the city is underwater, and, the national guard has been working around the clock, carrying people to safety. and the scene is growing more desperate. the mayor says the standing water is now filled with sewage. some people have run out of food and now there are reports, unfortunately, of price-gouging, with three bags of potato chips and a drink going for $14. which its infuriating to me. >> awful. people in every tragedy you find people who try to take advantage. this one is no different. so, so sad. farther south, new jersey residents got a visit from president obama. just days now before the election next week, the
3:34 am
president put politics aside to tour the storm zone. >> there he was, side by side with governor chris christie, one of mitt romney's biggest supporters. more from abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: hurricane sandy has forced the president to cancel his appearance at seven campaign events. but he may have gotten something more valuable. >> you are going to be okay. you are safe, right? >> reporter: the opportunity to lead and be seen leading. with new jersey's republican governor chris christie at a shelter in new jersey. >> hang in there. >> thank you. >> reporter: there is was a most public display of bipartisanship, a trait many undecided voters profess to love, one sorely lacking in washington, d.c. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me. i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern. >> governor christie throughout this process has been responsive. he has put his heart and soul into making sure that the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before. >> reporter: the president seems confident his campaign manager said they have the math.
3:35 am
romney's campaign the myth. polls out had the president up in two of the states the president needs to put together his electoral puzzle. wisconsin and ohio. and it's not as if all campaigning has discontinued. >> we have got to get through the next six days. >> vice president biden in florida, and former president bill clinton in iowa making the case for him. >> obama's economic plan. >> reporter: starting thursday, president obama will be campaigning, full time. full steam ahead going to wisconsin, colorado, nevada. three cities in ohio. and that's just thursday and friday. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. romney was also striking a harmonious note as he hit the campaign trail in florida. refraining though from lashing out at the president. >> the latest abc news poll shows the race is still in a dead heat. romney replaced any criticism of his opponent with talk of unity. >> look, we can't go on the road we are on.
3:36 am
we can't change course in america, if we keep on attacking each other. we have got to come together and get america on track again. >> romney hits the road today in another key battleground state. holding several events in virginia. and supporters there will be able to drop off donations for storm relief efforts. >> you listen to some analysts. i still thing it is really unclear whether this helps or hurts, romney or the president. i think people really don't know. it is a tight race, the bottom line. but legitimate questions about people who have lost power, will they go to vote. will polling sites have power in the hard hit areas. lots of questions come tuesday. >> arguably, the northeast will swing democratic, right, that's historically true. >> historically. >> historically true. interesting, the bromance between president obama and christie. >> yeah, they're dating. they're dating. >> and they basically, i think, chris christie, almost vouched for president obama. and so, as a leader, during these tough times. that was pretty fascinating. think that may have an effect. >> appearance of being
3:37 am
presidential. you know what i mean? in a tragic situation like that. so we will see how it plays out. lots of questions though. hundreds of residents, many refused orders to evacuate ahead of sandy are stuck at shelters this morning. this center along the jersey shore wasn't originally supposed to provide shelter. volunteers made a last minute decision. local restaurants are helping out donating food and cooks to provide three square meals a day. now everyone is just waiting for the all clear. >> our home was down on 12th street north. we heard that part of the island took a huge hit. we haven't been able to make it back there yet. so pretty much, we are just looking at complete loss. >> now there were some reassuring signs of normal life in the garden state. despite the governor's request to postpone halloween until monday the 5th. the little ones went trick-or-treating in the town. looking good. >> i like that. like that. >> kids have got to have a halloween. i like that too. >> work crews from all over the
3:38 am
country are pouring into the areas hard hit by sandy. southern california, edison, packed up its equipment and hundreds of personnel for duty in new york and new jersey. >> if you can imagine the devastation that is in new york, what we are doing is they're asking us to send literally self-contained work groups. >> of course the need for utility crews is huge. about 6 million homes and businesses are still without power. and i love to hear about those -- not affected, coming in, and helping those that need the help. >> absolutely. >> so badly. >> you can't look at this and not feel, not get your heart strings pulled. you can't. something uplifting here. a great story in fact involving one of new york's famous steakhouses, old homestead in lower manhattan. instead of letting the steaks and good meat go bad because the power is out. they decided to sell it at cut rate prices. >> yes, they moved the kitchen out on to the sidewalk. and charged passer-byes, $10 for
3:39 am
a steak that goes for $47 on the menu. >> ooh, that's a deal! >> dessert were offered at greatly reduced prices as well. the owner told the cooks to keep all the cash. >> i like that. i like that. see that is humanity some times. a good steak too. >> good steak. coming up next-- the race will go on. the new york city marathon is a go. despite the storm clean-up that still needs to be done. why not everyone agrees with that decision. >> first, neighbors helping neighbors. the men and women who went above and beyond during the storm to make sure even the smallest among us stayed safe. but before we go -- a look at how you too can help. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift. ews now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift.
3:40 am
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well every rescue from disaster is a harrowing and dramatic story in which selfless people come to the aid of those in dire need. >> there are tales of generosity and gratitude. all over the place. >> uh-huh. >> abc's david muir has a storybook full of them. >> new mom julia and her husband and their new baby letting us know they're okay. >> hey, david. as you can see we are doing great and really happy. >> reporter: like so many people they wanted just one thing t
3:44 am
say thank you to the quiet samaritans, nurses simply doing their jobs, who became the real heroes of the hurricane. julia was in labor having contractions inside the hospital that went dark, lost power when the generators gave out. desperate for an epidural in the darkness, her husband held the cell phone light while nurses want to work. >> i was standing, and it was one of the flip -- flip cell noen phones, one of the old ones, and i was just basically holding it above her while she was putting in the iv kind of making sure there was enough light for doctors. >> they were rushed out of the hospital. got into an ambulance. driving the ambulance a worker who had come from california to help with the storm approaching and when they said they were heading to mount sinai hospital. he said, "how do you get there?" navigating the streets part of the tree came crashing down on the ambulance. they got there. 40 minutes later, the baby was born. >> how is micah? >> beautiful. he is awesome. >> reporter: so many families like them touched by the kindness, bravery of others.
3:45 am
>> there is no words i have to thank them for what they did for us. >> reporter: this mom and dad and their baby, just 6 hours old were also carried out of the darkened hospital. >> it is pretty amazing. you saw them dripping with sweat, and carrying the women that couldn't walk down the stairs. >> y'all were the welcoming committee? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: this was the team waiting at lennox hill, hospital, taking in patients. >> there is no practice for this. never. >> reporter: no practice but perseverance and pride in what they were doing in those dark hours. >> happy ending? >> definitely. it's all about passion. >> reporter: passion for those who helped. and parents who are forever grateful. david muir, abc news, new york. >> the parents have quite a story to share with that kid. [ laughter ] when we come back, change gears, lighten the mood a little bit. it's been a long week for everybody and check what is shaking in "the skinny." >> yes, you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our ab
3:46 am
3:47 am
nn ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> welcome back, everybody. the first time all week we have had the skinny. a serious week. we didn't want to kind of. there was other important things to got to. but we are slowly saying, let's get back to, a new normal, a little bit. bringing the skinny back here. and of course yesterday was halloween. didn't feel like it. >> didn't feel that way. >> weird kind of, you know,
3:48 am
weird holiday this year, all that is going on with the storm. we thought we would give you a glimpse as to some cool costumes out there. starting with ellen degeneres. she came -- this was really great -- she came as sophia vergara's exposed butt cheeks. that's what she dressed as on the left. >> she had the wardrobe malfunction. >> sophia did. ellen decided to have a little fun. the real sophia on the right. they're dancing on the show. ellen is out there making fun of the wardrobe malfunction. letting it hang out. ellen loves to dance any way. >> yes. >> sophia is famous for her curves to say the least. that is a costume i can really get my hand around. >> she does a good sophia, doesn't she? >> award winning, modern family, i get so much work with this fake accent. people think it's real. i don't know why, people think it's real. but i -- [ laughter ] >> they had a lot of fun. i like it.
3:49 am
well done, ellen. well done. >> well done. i love this one. i am a huge fan of superheroes and all that. >> you love it. >> i mean, i have got my wonder woman blanket. he keeps it very cold here. >> i do like it cold. >> i saw this. i thought, wow, the rock wins halloween, as, look, look, look, the hulk. >> he looks just like the hulk. >> just like him. it is so good. it is so good. >> wow. >> so good. >> that's the rock, man, all green. impressive. >> like lou. >> like normal dude didn't need the fake muscles. that is all him. >> it was right there. fantastic. >> you like that picture, huh? i see you got a little smile, uh-huh, all right. [ laughter ] >> who doesn't like the rock? >> of course, also, you have heard a lot of talk about "the jersey shore" in light of sandy here, also the name of the incredibly popular mtv show in its last season here. you hear so much, so many
3:50 am
pictures from seaside heights, almost wiped off the map. there it is obviously on the show featured during much, much better days. the roller coaster that is now in the water. any way, the cast, give them credit. they extended their thoughts and sympathies and come out in support of the, the roller coaster, i mentioned showing their support for the town that became even, you know, this part of the country, know that town, once that show took off. >> everyone knew. >> everyone knew about seaside heights in a world of hurt. so snooki, for exam pull, released a statement. she said -- sandy destroyed, seaside, second home. devastating to see the boardwalk ruined. my thoughts go out to everyone affected by the storm. j-wow on the leno show, she lost power. all her friends, fiance, are safe, that is all that matters. devastating. and vinny from staten island. he said my home town is like a war zone these days. he said, so, he posted pictures on twitter that kind of thing. all expressing their support for
3:51 am
the area of the country that made them rich and famous. glad to see them coming out, speaking out and share some sympathy. >> makes it almost tangible for people. if you watched the show. you know, feel the devastation. >> absolutely. >> last but not least. jimmy kimmel. everyone has someone they idolize as a child. i idolize someone, oprah. >> you know. you call her -- >> the oracle. he, idolized david letterman as a child. he had the opportunity to have david letterman on the show. from brooklyn originally. that is his cake, said, late night with david letterman. he had a license plate on his car that said, late night. look at that. so, big, big deal for jimmy kimmel. he gets to interview david letterman on his show. he is usually in l.a. but he is in brooklyn. preplanned. he gets here, of course, hurricane sandy hits. >> totally coincidental. planned for months. jimmy from brooklyn. tapes the show out west.
3:52 am
compared to having letterman on his show when letterman had carson on his show. everyone in the business has an idol. dave is one of jimmy's. >> yours, yours we, have got to find out. >> whave more news coming up. stay with us, everybody. find out. >> we have more news coming up. stay with us, everybody. follow the wings.
3:53 am
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i feel -- >> finally this half-hour, the new york city marathon is set for this coming sunday, 50,000 folks will run across all five of the city's boroughs. >> in any year that is a huge event. but this year coming less than a week after the hurricane hit, some say it should be called off. laura benekey of our new york station has the story. >> reporter: it is often said that major sporting events have ability to unite a city or region in the weak of disastrous events. officials and runners believe the ing new york city marathon will do this for the city after hurricane sandy.
3:56 am
>> we are simply heartsick for those who have been hurt by hurricane sandy. the opportunity is for the marathon to beep our most visible step forward as a city. >> the ing marathon shows off the spirit of the city look no other. i think after tragedies the best thing. we can come together and celebrate. >> reporter: the road runners understand the amount of work that is required to get an event of this magnitude up and running but insists they will not interrupt the city's post storm work. >> the joint effort of new york workers in the city is certainly not to distract one resource from the recovery of the city. >> reporter: at this point the new york road runners are optimistic. most of the elite athletes will arrive in time for sunday's race. but they do say it is important for all the runners to have a little flexibility. >> i think the best thing you can do is not stress. elite athlete or every athlete out there, stress doesn't help your race it doesn't help travel. you kind of have to roll with the punches. >> which really is typical of any race. >> one of the things, distance running it never goes perfectly in a race or training.
3:57 am
you kind of just have to go with it. >> definitely not the year everybody was planning to run will run. that's okay. the total positive impact will still be more than significant. and helpful to the city. >> see, i think it is important to the city for those vendors that are there. for the businesses. you know, i ran the marine corps marathon, it really is incredible when you have the folks coming out on the street, you got to stop and you're buying things. >> but all of that -- just miles from where homes have been washed away and people are -- homeless and, i don't know. i think it's a tough call. there is no right answer. i think it is just. >> well the same call that had to be made in new orleans after katrina with mardi gras. >> huge debate. the difference was -- the storm in august. mardi gras was in february. months between. now days between. >> i know. >> i don't know. i don't know. a tough call here. it is going to go on. the mayor said it is. those of you coming into the city to do it. run hard. run well. we'll be back with more after this. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now."
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